Hey there,

Hope you are well people. This is PG. -called that my other name-

I usually doing busking and recording works, I am singer as you know.

Basically I’m working with European musicians and I love love love my world friends. However, I left my home town quite long time so sometime forget about Japanese soul, and was very lazy about social works in Japan, was bad.. isn’t it.

I also loves my Japanese friends so I would like to say thanks and want to tell my life sometime so just write in Japanese about blah, blah, blah here.. for just say hello to Japanese friends.

Anyway, we’ve just opened the new website for Japanese writing. It is.

It’ll be almost showing subject for Japanese people however, if you are interesting about Japanese writings or some topics, please try read and keep informations from here.

My English site is still working, please keep it and get information there, or come and stay here sometime.

Keep in touch friends, and hope to see you in the UK, Italy or maybe sometime in Japan.

Lots of love.

Ta, x